Why Us?

Congratulations! You are well on your way to becoming your own boss and owning your own Max Muscle Nutrition Franchise. You have many options when deciding which opportunity is best for you, so it is important to recognize what sets Max Muscle apart from other similar franchises. Here are a few of the reasons why Max Muscle is in a class by itself and has been a leader in the nutrition industry for over 25 years!

Superior Quality Products:

Max Muscle Nutrition has always maintained quality as our number one objective. Long before testing was required on nutritional products we at Max Muscle Nutrition were testing our products for safety, consistency and purity. We strive to make sure our products always meet label claim. We call it our QIG mission statement, “Quality Ingredients Guaranteed”. We abide by the rules and regulations of cGMP manufacturing. We know that customers are always concerned with quality but they also want a product that tastes good and is easy to mix. We pride ourselves with having the best tasting highest quality products in the market place. This is the primary reason Max Muscle has maintained such a loyal following for the past quarter century and will keep your customers returning to your store.

Brand Exclusivity:

Max Muscle Nutrition helps you differentiate from the market place by giving you an exclusive line of premium supplements that your competition won’t be able to carry. The “Max Muscle” brand is protected within your store’s territory. By having your own exclusive brand you will be able to retain customers that realize the quality and results they get from your Max Muscle branded products.

NESTA Certified Fitness & Nutrition Coach™:

Max Muscle Nutrition has partnered with NESTA to get you certified as a Fitness and Nutrition Coach™ (CFNC). NESTA is a highly respected and nationally accredited training company that specializes in fitness and nutrition certifications.

The Fitness & Nutrition Coach course is presented in a 100% accelerated online format for your convenience. When you complete this program, you will have in-depth knowledge of nutrition, client behaviors about nutrition, and feel confident that you can provide customized meal planning services to your customers. This is one of your key differentiators in the marketplace and sets you apart in an industry that provides many choices for consumers. You are equipped with a knowledge and expertise that your competitors do not have. The (CFNC) certification gives you more credibility within your market and most importantly, gives you the ability to help your customers achieve their health and nutritional goals.

Nutrition & Meal Plan Training:

Once you become a Certified Fitness and Nutrition Coach™, you’ll want to set up your customers on a custom meal plan. Max Muscle will give you the tools and training to learn how to write meal plans for your client and customers. Customers love to have custom meal plans that give them precise instructions on how to achieve their goals. Meal planning sets you apart from your competition and give your clients and customers confidence that you can help them.

InBody Composition Analysis Specialist:

Max Muscle has partnered with InBody, one of the most advanced companies in the world for measuring body composition. The InBody machine uses bioelectrical impedance to give our customers a very accurate profile of their body’s composition. The InBody is another proprietary in store service that we provide in order to establish credibility with your customer. By having the ability to tell your customer precisely what their body composition is in terms of fat, muscle, fluids etc. and then be able to combine this with meal planning and your fitness and nutrition expertise along with a premium exclusive line of supplements, it all leads to the end goal, results for your customers!


Max Muscle Nutrition knows that it’s very important for you to be ready to do business on your first day of opening your doors. This is why we offer several comprehensive training sessions to prepare you for success. We start off with Max Muscle University, our online education site. This is our custom course that educates you about the “Max Muscle” brand of products. We then follow up with one week at our offices in Orange California in a simulated store, and another week actually working in one of our stores. Everything from greeting customers on the first day, to entering sales into the computer system and running the sale. All this will ensure that you are ready to sell products and meal plans with knowledge and confidence.