Franchisee: Chad Case
Franchise Location: 2 Max Muscle locations in Lincoln Nebraska
Years a Franchise: 10

For more than a decade I’ve been able to look my clientele in the eye and know I was providing them the best products on the planet. As a business owner, there is a great deal of satisfaction in knowing we offer quality products that can truly help people change their lives. It’s humbling to be able to serve people in that manner and to make a living while doing so. A lot has changed in the time that I’ve been a franchisee with Max Muscle as that is the nature of business and progress, but what hasn’t changed and has remained steadfast is the commitment from Max Muscle Corporate to serve the franchisee family and do everything they can to help each and every franchisee be successful and prosper. I’ve often been asked if I could go back and do it again if I would, without hesitation the answer is a resounding yes. 

Sincerely, Chad Case

Franchisee: Karen & Scott Herkes
Franchise Location: Max Muscle of Moline & Bettendorf Iowa
Years a Franchise: 8

Our experience with the Max Muscle Sports Nutrition Franchise has, overall, been very good. The quality of Max Muscle Products, thanks to Dr. Phil Harvey, is far superior to other supplements on the market today. The company’s philosophy is one of honesty and integrity.
Our founder & CEO, Joe Wells, began this company over 2 decades ago offering effective, relevant and superior quality products while offering unprecedented customer service. All of which is still the norm for Max Muscle Sports Nutrition franchisees.
Over the past 8 years, there has been a hurdle or two but nothing that we could not overcome. Corporate continues to offer solutions and ideas to help franchisees stay relevant and improve their business without taking a dictatorship approach. We are free to follow their suggestions or try something different, if we so choose. Every market is different but employing the proven practices followed by successful franchisees gets a new franchisee started on the right path.
There are many supplement companies in the market today that follow unscrupulous practices. Max Muscle Sports Nutrition is NOT one of them. We would not have our name associated with a company that does not practice honesty, and integrity. This is NOT just another supplement store.

Sincerely, Scott and Karen Herkes

Franchisee: Fernando Salas Franchise
Location: Max Muscle of Wesley Chapel Florida
Years a Franchise: 10

Being a Max Muscle franchisee means a lot to me. I found Max Muscle through a great friend back in 2005 when I was looking for some choices to invest my money in and still do what I love and what I went to school for. Since the day I was introduced to the brand I fell in love with it, but more important than anything is what we have to offer in our communities. I do not come to work every day, I love what I do for a living. I look forward to each day to see how I am going to be able to help another person. I try not to get overly excited about our brand because people think that I love our supplements so much just because I own the store. For someone like me who has been involved in health and fitness pretty much all my life, Max Muscle products are the best choice hands down. I personally use them and feel very confident suggesting them to my friends and my customers. There is no better line on the market in terms all aspects of what a nutritional supplement line should be. Max Muscle has been well worth it for me, I am not saying it is easy because there is really nothing easy in life but if you are passionate about the fitness, sports and the nutrition industry our Max Muscle brand is the right choice for you, your family, your friends and the many friends you will make in your soon to be home, when you own your own Max Muscle Sports Nutrition franchise. Sincerely, Fernando Salas

Franchisee: Mark Sarale
Franchise Location: Max Muscle of Modesto and Stockton California
Years a Franchise: 20

My first experience with Max Muscle dates all the way back to 1994. I met a well-respected professional athlete at the time who had had opened the first Max Muscle store in Northern Ca. We became friends and he introduced me to MaxPro protein and to this day it is the only protein I will personally use and recommend to friends, family and customers. I always wanted to be in business for myself and I believed in what Max Muscle was doing and I knew back then that the products were the best on the market so I decided to open my own store in Stockton Ca. Twenty years later I am the longest tenured franchisee in our company and the Stockton and Modesto store are still thriving. I am currently the Regional Director of Northern California and I own the Stockton and Modesto stores. I believe due to the quality of our products and the exceptional customer service that our staff delivers day in and day out, that is what sets us apart from the competition. I know Joe Wells and Sean Greene will never compromise the quality of the Max Muscle brand. The integrity of Joe and Sean and my confidence in Max Muscle producing the best quality products are the two main reasons why I have been going twenty years strong!

Sincerely, Mark Sarale

Franchisee: Geff and Sarah Malone
Franchise Location: Max Muscle of Capitola and Gilroy California
Years a Franchise: 16

Being a part of the Max Muscle Team has been one of the best things we ever did. We are going on 16 years with the franchise and love being a part of something that helps change people’s lives for the better. The Max Muscle brand has no competition in our mind and the quality of products speak for themselves! And that is what we tell all of our customers. We love taking a person that is unhappy with themselves to feeling the best about themselves. We have the best job!

Sincerely, Geff and Sarah Malone

Franchisee: Jennifer Lee
Franchise Location: Max Muscle of Las Vegas
Years a Franchise: 7

Over seven years ago I decided to open my Max Muscle location because I believed in and wanted to be part of what the company stood for, delivering the highest quality products and offering unparalleled customer service and expertise. Today I feel very proud to say that we have taken this concept to an even higher level. We have become part of the communities we serve and have developed the reputation of being the place to go for expert fitness and nutrition advice. We listen to our customers and are able to provide real solutions that motivate them to be the best they can be. I trust the Max Muscle brand. I’ve been giving it to my family since before I even opened my own store and I love sharing the products with my customers. My dream was to become someone people with all different types of goals went to when they wanted the best nutrition and fitness advice and Max Muscle has helped me make that come true.

Sincerely, Jennifer Lee

Franchisee: Erin Brady and Ron Worley
Franchise Location: Greeley Colorado
Years a Franchise: 7


We have been Max Muscle franchise owners for almost six years now. We were looking for something else to add to our portfolio and to give us a vehicle to give back to the community. We loved the Max Muscle model, as 90 % of the business is driven by community outreach. Now owners of three stores in Colorado we can comfortably say we are happy with our decision to buy in. This industry is very competitive, but we compete as the exclusive place to purchase Max Muscle products. Our customers are our family and we appreciate them as such. Thank you Max Muscle!

Sincerely, Erin Brady and Ron Worley

Franchisee: Bill Colvin
Franchise Location: Max Muscle of Bellevue Washington
Years a Franchise: 1

Owning a Max Muscle franchise over the past year has given me the opportunity of a lifetime to turn my passion for health and fitness into a great business. Max Muscle’s business model is unique in the industry – offering top quality branded Max Muscle supplements in a consultative retail environment is a very rewarding and gratifying experience. Our customers appreciate the emphasis on nutrition, knowledge and education, and I love helping my clients live healthier, fitter, happier lives.

Sincerely, Bill Colvin

Franchisee: Justin Lynch
Franchise Location: Max Muscle Denver
Years a Franchise: 3

In 2012, I had what I thought was my dream job working in sales for a big corporation. I had worked my way up the ranks to become the top salesperson in the office. I had a luxury car, a brand new townhome and had just got engaged to a beautiful girl. I was where most guys wished they were when they were in their late 20s. But I wasn’t happy. I was sacrificing my health at the expense of my career. Putting in long hours to meet sales goals meant grabbing whatever was fast and easy to eat. Stress and lack of sleep took their cumulative toll on my body and mind.
Each day, I walked into the same office with the eggshell painted walls and grey cubicles and felt a lot like the guy from Office Space. I wasn’t adding value. I wasn’t creating anything. I wanted to be part of something bigger and more substantial. I wanted to make a difference. I wanted my health and relationships back. I wanted to be part of something that had the potential to make the lives of people better. I had no idea what to do.
Then one day, I was introduced to “Max Muscle”. I learned that all Max Muscle franchisees get nutrition certifications, foster relationships in the community and change their client’s lives through education. Their motto, “Don’t get sold, get educated” strongly appealed to me even as a career salesperson.
I remember driving home from that meeting with my adrenaline pumping and my thoughts racing. This wasn’t drab corporate America. This was interesting. The opportunity to OWN a business. This was the opportunity to make a difference. A few weeks later, I remember taking my cell phone outside and booking my flight to Max Muscle headquarters in California.
I now own one Max Muscle store and am hoping to open another in the next few months. Each day, I wake up excited at the prospect of working for myself, meeting new people and hopefully making a difference in somebodies life in some small way. I feel like I’m part of something more purposeful than climbing some imaginary corporate ladder. I started using all of the Max Muscle products, did a nutrition plan and got into the best shape of my life. Becoming a Max Muscle franchisee changed everything for me and I’ve never looked back.

Sincerely, Justin Lynch

Franchisee: Bryan Cash
Franchise Location: Max Muscle of Centennial & Lone Tree Colorado
Years a Franchise: 7


Being a Max Muscle Owner since 2008 has come with many challenges and accomplishments. Being a part of a cutting edge, science driven, nationally recognized brand provides a stable platform to build your business. Like all business ownership the true success comes from hard work and the willingness to surpass the competition. Being a franchisee and owning 2 stores today, has allowed us to pursue and fulfill our passion for educating our customers and assisting athletes of all ages and walks of life reach a healthier lifestyle. Being a Denver Firefighter, I’ve had to personally push my mind and body beyond average limits and this has helped me translate that to success in business. I have been fortunate to build a great team and we instill these same views within our clients through consultative discussion with all who cross our path. With Max Muscle’s support and top quality products you can create a solid and sustainable business”.

Sincerely, Bryan Cash