Max Muscle Nutrition takes great pride in our franchise support system. When you open your store, you won’t be alone. Here are some of the great advantages that we offer under the Max Muscle nutrition franchise system.

Director of Franchise Development:

Once you sign your franchise agreement, our director of franchise development will begin helping you locate a lease, and guide you through your build out process. There will be weekly calls to make sure you stay on pace to get your store open in a timely manner. This process requires attention to many details and our franchise director will help you every step of the way.

Field Support Team “FSC”:

All of our franchisees will be assigned a field support consultant. Our consultants have worked with dozens of franchisees helping them succeed at every level. FSC reps understand our franchisees and their needs. They will support you with your pre marketing, soft opening, grand opening and the overall operation of your business. If you have a problem give your FSC a call and he or she will do everything they can to help you succeed.

Regional Director:

Depending on where you open your franchise, you may also have a Regional Director. Much like the FSC, the role of the Regional Director is to make sure that you are getting the support you need to succeed. Additionally, the Regional Director will use tools such as the Balanced Score Card and Systems Standard Reports to objectively measure how you are performing and then be able to give you specific areas where you can improve to make sure you succeed.

Weekly Support Call (Max Fast Trak):

Every Tuesday Max Muscle Nutrition has a system-wide support call that every franchisee is invited to attend. These calls are designed to help our system do better by working together. We feature franchisees that share their success stories and best practices ranging from sales techniques, product education, and in-store experience to marketing, merchandising, outreach, and social media. Whether it’s revealing how they sell more protein powders than their peers or how they packed their store on Grand Opening Day, these success stories serve as a fantastic guide to helping others within the system succeed. We have a saying in our system that a “rising tide raises all ships” and we take pride in the fact that our successful stores always want to share their best practices with our system.

Product Development Training:

The Research and Development Team at Max Muscle is committed to producing the most innovative and cutting edge supplements based on the latest research and newest ingredients. We know that as a retail store it is very important for you to be able to offer exciting new products and flavors consistently. This will keep your customers coming back regularly. As we introduce new products, we feel that franchisee training is critical. Heading up our product development department is Dr. Phil Harvey, who has been a leading research scientist in the nutrition industry over the past several decades. Dr. Harvey provides extensive product training on all of our new products to our franchisees to make sure they understand and can explain to their customers the ingredients in each product and the scientific benefits of all of our products. Dr. Harvey and our development team are constantly attending Industry Conferences and researching ingredients to help us develop new and exciting products.

Marketing Materials:

Max Muscle Nutrition features a multitude of great marketing materials. These materials are offered to our franchisees to assist franchisees in their marketing efforts in their local area. Here are a few of our more popular marketing items that will help set your store apart and succeed.

    • “Max Muscle Sports & Fitness” – Max Muscle’s award winning print publication that provides informative articles on training, nutrition, health and supplements. Additional content is also provided online to give franchisees the ability to use for social media

Store merchandising kits on a quarterly basis

  • Pre-opening marketing kit
  • Digitally interactive monthly e-newsletter
  • Integrated Email Blast and Text Alert Program promoting new product offerings, monthly specials and in-store services.
  • Customer Follow Up program – Auto generated emails designed to follow up with customers who have not returned to store
  • Professionally packaged samples of our new and popular products
  • Promotional t-shirt programs
  • Shaker cups
  • Comprehensive Social Media Platforms/campaigns designed to drive customers into stores
  • Weekly Content provided for Social Media postings
  • National advertising Campaigns that run in popular Fitness Magazines
  • – designed to attract and cultivate new customers and in turn drive them to store locations through various online programs and initiatives
  • SMA – Store Marketing Account – A Local Marketing fund has been created for stores that qualify, in order to provide a subsidy to franchisees as an incentive to implement local marketing.

Photos top to bottom: 1. Max Muscle’s Monthly digital e-newsletter 2. Max Muscle Apparel 3. Max Muscle Promotional Items 4. Max Sports & Fitness Magazine

Max Muscle’s Monthly digital e-newsletter

Max Muscle Nutrition understands that marketing and advertising drives customers to your stores and also helps retain them. We are committed to making sure that our franchisees are provided with various marketing tools, initiatives and programs to ensure they have what they need to effectively market in their local community. We are repeatedly told that as a franchise system, we offer more marketing programs and materials than any other nutritional franchise system.