Why Choose Max Muscle?

Max Muscle has been a leader in Sports Nutrition for nearly 25 years. Developing the highest quality products has been a commitment from the beginning and has helped us build a strong and loyal following. The reputation we have earned over the years for having the best supplements has become a strong differentiator for our franchisees. In addition to the Max Muscle supplement line, we have also led the way in developing in-store services that further differentiate Max Muscle stores. Every Max Muscle location is equipped with Certified Fitness Nutrition Coaches™ who have been trained to do custom nutrition plans featuring our proprietary nutrition planning software developed exclusively for Max Muscle. Max Muscle stores also offer body composition analysis to provide a comprehensive and fully integrated solution for our customers. These key differentiators along with our focus on initial and ongoing training and support ensures that a new Max Muscle franchisee will be prepared, confident and geared for success.

Does Max Muscle offer a high quality brand of supplements for their franchises?

Yes, we offer a complete line of nutritional and dietary supplements. As a Max Muscle franchisee, you will be provided exclusive territory on the Max Muscle line of supplements that are not sold to internet discount sites, nutrition distributors or big box retailers in the Food, Drug and Mass Markets. This ensures that you will never have to compete with these other distribution channels as a specialty retailer on the Max Muscle brand which in turn gives you a powerful competitive advantage and breeds customer loyalty and retention.

Are Max Muscle supplements tested for quality and purity?

Yes, Max Muscle has been testing our supplements for decades.  This was a commitment made by Max Muscle long before the FDA began enforcing that dietary supplements be tested. This commitment came from the fact that the officers of this company consist of former professional athletes, bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts that use the products themselves. This is why for decades they have insisted on validating the purity and quality of Max Muscle products. Various tests are conducted by independent third party labs to verify the quality, potency and purity of all Max Muscle products.

I heard Max Muscle has a PhD that develops their products and ensures the validity and safety of their supplements, is this?

Yes Dr. Phillip Harvey heads up the Max Muscle Product Development team as the company’s Chief Science Officer. “Dr. Phil” as he is referred to within our system, is an expert in nutritional biochemistry and has participated in dozens of scientific studies. He is a well respected researcher and scientist within the supplement industry and has helped formulate several cutting edge and innovative dietary supplements within the industry.

Is the health & fitness market a strong market to invest in?

Health and fitness is the fastest growing category in supplement industry. The current trend is geared towards making healthier choices and being more active. They may not be a professional athlete, but they still want to get the maximum results for their efforts and Max Muscle stores are equipped to help consumers do just this. Whatever their activity of choice, the market for health and fitness products will only continue to grow because people simply want to look and feel better and Max Muscle is positioned perfectly to capitalize on this ever growing market.

Does Max Muscle publish a magazine called “Max Sports and Fitness”, and do I sell these magazines in my store?

As a Max Muscle franchisee you are allotted a certain number of every issue at no additional cost. This is a high quality professionally published magazine that Max Muscle franchisees all refer to as their most important and effective marketing tool. Franchisees use these magazine to set up distribution points at key locations throughout their territory that people can pick up for free to increase exposure and establish credibility for your store location.

Should I open my own store or a Max Muscle Franchise?

Max Muscle is a unique opportunity that gives our franchisees the opportunity to have their own exclusive high quality supplement line that ensures that our stores don’t get caught up in price wars with other retailers on the numerous brands being offered in the market today. Additionally, every franchisee benefits from having their own professionally published fitness magazine, various advertising, marketing and collateral pieces, ongoing training and support and even local marketing subsidies. Our top franchisees even share their secrets to success each week on system wide training calls. This support and ability to offer a high quality exclusive line to consumers in your area gives you a much better chance at success than operating as an independent nutrition store.

Do I receive a protected territory with a Max Muscle Franchise?

Yes, as a Max Muscle franchisee, you will receive a territory that will be protected by zip code. No Max Muscle brand product will ever be sold in your territory. As part of the franchise affiliates program, the profit on any orders on www.maxmuscle.com from within your territory, is rebated back directly to you.

How big is the average store in square feet?

Stores run between 900 and 1200 square feet.

Does Max Muscle offer help in laying out the store plan to match the lease and square feet?

Yes, we have a team dedicated to making sure your store is laid out to meet ADA requirements as well as meet the needs of our corporate criteria in order to maintain consistency within our brand and stores. We also offer CAD drawings so you can visualize exactly how your store will look. We have a full-time manager that offers assistance every step of the way.

Do you help us find a store location?

Yes. We will help you find a lease. We have mapping software that will analyze your territory and give precise demographic data to make sure you are aware of your market. We also work with a nationwide broker to help locate retail sites at no charge.

Will I be trained so that I know how to run a store?

Yes. Prior to coming to corporate for training class, you will go through and have to complete a series of prerequisites. Once your prerequisites are completed, you will attend training at the corporate office. At the corporate office you will spend a full week with Max Muscle’s Director of Training and various other members of the team.  The goal of the training class is to prepare you in every way so you are ready to manage your store, write meal plans, know your products and assist customers the first day you open your store.

How much does it cost to open up a Max Muscle Franchise?

There are many factors associated with the cost of opening up a Max Muscle Franchise. Prices can fluctuate depending on the area, and size of the lease, readiness of the lease, initial inventory costs, etc. Max Muscle’s new store design provides you a very high end looking store that is competitive with other similar franchises. Estimated cost ranges for opening a new store are outlined in the Franchise Disclosure Document.

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